Does anyone understand??

Depression has been strong lately–so much uncertainty, so much change coming up and the worst part for “us” is no support, no understanding-Yeah we know that sometimes on FB some say they do–but sorry it just is not the same as a real life word, real life hug, real life anything–it just totally feels alone to me–yeah internet can be great but not for the realism of help, healing, etc–but then that is just me–through this whole process of my mh issues several years ago, no one understands–not even sure anyone tryed to to be honest–it is better to just let a person struggling alone–to not do anything–so tired of loss, tired of struggling, tired of survival, tired or those words “if you prayed enough”, and just get over it–do people really think we choose this and can just get over it?? seriously, I would never wish this on my worst enemy (other then for them to experience it just to understand it briefly)–meds dont work for me (again will explain at another time)–just tired–tired of survival–but as always will continue to have faith and keep trudging on.


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