Do people really think.?.?.?

I have seen so many posts lately–many from my fb “friends” who write, state, post sayings that state that if a person wanted to get over depression they could–that they are being depressed on purpose–that they dont “pray” enough (if they did it would go away)-or they dont try hard enough–or if they werent so negative, etc–then depression would go away–SERIOUSLY??? it is times like this that makes my depression worse because I often wonder first, maybe it is my fault, maybe i am not faithful enough, pray enough–or i wonder is it really me?? but then we think “seriously” do people really think we (or anyone) would choose to be like this–that  we want to be like this, that we want this constant darkness, that we want this lack of energy, all we want to do is sleep, this extreme lonliness, the constant thoughts we wont mention–sigh…. this is something i would NEVER wish on anyone–other then to maybe just maybe it would help someone truly understand

I much rather be happy, i much rather live each day then just try to survive, i much rather work and have energy, i much rather walk outside and see “light” instead of darkness, i much rather just about anything–something most do not understand

plz dont judge us, plz dont push us away, plz dont ignore us, plz dont get sick of us and look at us as a burden–when we post on FB, or reach out we so much just wish someone would reach back–but they dont–they think we are looking for attention and turn away–that makes it worse–sorry people but so many just dont understand

REACH out to those–Depression, Anxiety, ED, MH issues are REAL–not just something that can go away or be prayed away


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