The day all forget, but me,,,,

The time of year that everyone forgets about but me–the day i was born–and not a day goes by that i wonder why did i live (I was born “dead”) and was revived–i dont know why-i struggle with that–then the days i tried to go away–and survived–wonder about that too–why????? not a day goes by that i dont wish otherwise—that being said i hate that day–but more i feel hurt because absolutely NO ONE remembers that day–from someone who struggles so deep with depression, so deep with feeling invisible, so deep with feel no one cares–this one day is worse then any other because i long to hear those words Happy B-Day–or hope you had a good day–i long for some flowers, or a card to brighten my day, just that one day–the words that would help ease the hurt, the invisible feeling–the words that would have for one day, maybe made a difference and I might have thought yeah, me being here on this earth, me being BORN matters–but as the day comes to an end–another year where it doesnt matter–I DONT MATTER–just glad the day is over–and I dont want to hear it anymore–dont want to hear those words because in reality NOW they are meaningless–the day is gone–another year of survival is upon me–another day of the reality how INVISIBLE i really am–and no one cares–the day all forget but me…


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