This has been such a long week–first dealing with some spiritual triggering here where I live–but more so my teenage son and his mouth–I know in my heart that alot of it is just him being a teen–but it does not go over well for me at all–my depression especially gets affected strongly by his harsh, mean, disrespectful words–something I will be honest I have yet to figure out how to deal with–I tend to close off and wall of–but he just gets more mean–the words he says sends us in a tail spin that honestly sometimes is so exhausting we are exhausted for days–my son is the one thing in this world that gives me a sense of hope–sometimes I sit at home while he is in school waiting to see him, and his first words he says to me is yelling about something–this crushes us and it all just progresses–as our depression, and sensitivity take each word directly to the heart and into that darkness–those words he says (hate, you dont deserve love, worthless, etc) just hit so hard–just glad there are so many better good days with him then these harsh days–just struggle with it and not sure quite how to manage them yet when those words hit harder then they should–keep us both in prayers