Can we be a friend???Detrimental???

I struggle with depression, anxiety, su thoughts, ptsd among other things–I have struggled through this with no support–so, I always try to give support to others–no matter what they go through because I am so aware how hard it is to go things alone–it is horrible and I struggle with not wanting others to feel this way–so right now someone who has not been there for me, and part of ptsd from spiritual abuse has been really struggling with stuff with her husband–whom she has come to realize has done alot of the spiritual abuse to her, emotional abuse, mental abuse, ect–he was one as a minister who did it to us too–but she never stood up for us–it was his “controlling nature”–anyways we have struggled with this for so long, and finally a few months ago when we were not around them we finally started to put some of it aside, forgive, and try our best to go on–now as mentioned above, she is need of support–so we have been trying to give it to her–it is so triggering to our PTSD from the stuff she says–we try not to let on–but all our headway we were making is gone–the things she says, later trigger us to flashbacks of so many things verbally said to us, the physically stuff–which then triggers other things–things we were fighting before and finally got to a coping place–now the su “thoughts” stronger, the depression, the sinking, the eating issues, anxiety, among other things–ugh—having a hard time and we know we should step away and not support this other person, but unfortunately we cant–not in our nature–our empathy and own struggles of going stuff alone seems to not let us–as we crash—idk–guess sometimes it wasnt all this issue she is going through–been that way for a month now–as we try to talk it is wrong– we finally just stopped talking, listened, support, and deal with our own later, alone… sorry this turned into such babble


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