didnt really how triggering it really is

I have always been one who is there for you, anyone, regardless what it was, or what you done to me, or anyone for that matter–i know what it was/is like to walk alone, to not be heard, understood, shunned, etc–but surprise sometimes I need someone too–i’ve been there for someone recently through a divorce–at times it is triggering, but i listen, respond, support, none the less–however, it gets the best of me sometimes, as I go back to my room alone to deal with things–I remember when you tried to be a support too–but this divorce stuff has pretty much (sorry) made you a bitter, selfish bitch–I am sorry, and I listen but you arent there for anyone anymore, let a lone me–yeah guess i sound hurt and bitter too–but when you specifically say to others that you dont want to hear, see them cry to get over themselves–sorry, but you are just as hurtful and abusive as the one you are divorcing–difference is he sees it now you dont–when you body shame others, including your ex, me, and those around you, that too is abusive–when you withhold air condition to someone who relies on it for survival, breathing issues all because of your selfishness, that too is abuse–sorry abuse was not my subject to write about–wanted to write how your bitterness is over consuming you and how sometimes you need to swallow your pride, your righteousness, and be a friend as much as you need a friend

I will walk with you, because that is who I am–but remember, sometimes others need support too–NOT abuse


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