thankful for this day finally coming to an end

So glad today is almost over–emotionally drained and I honestly dont think people truly understand–when I say it is lonely this time of year, i mean it in all aspects–it is days like this i truly feel like an orphan–both my parents have passed, and to me it is the “thought”–i always say the little things–yeah i know i am not physically alone–i have my son (whom is the only thing i am greatful for)–but honestly i cant do much for him, no thanksgiving, money for holidays, ect–but for me the lonliness comes from not being thought of–not even a hey thinking of you, or anything–i often wonder if people from my past think of me–not that it really matters–guess it is just a little something, a little light, a little anything that would show i wasnt really a pathetic burden, invisible, ect–there is truly nothing when you are “alone” when you are living with others–it is those little things

but as before, will struggle to survive, will fight my “thoughts”, and continue to be invisible–it is just this time of year it hurts worse


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