Annoyance vs Abuse

right now really needing to vent–triggered here and nothing is helping–there is a fine line between someone who lives downstairs (your land people) and choose to blare their music, tv, ect–so much that your floor vibrates–these people invited you in (you and your son) a few years ago and know your MH issues, triggers, ect-promised to be support–that mentioned above is pure annoyance–we have trouble focusing when we hear too much and it makes us “spin” horrible, and our anxiety kick in, among other things–but we can usually eventually find a way to block it out–we even got a headset/portable CD player to listen to music to block out that loud tv–harder to block out the vibrations, but we tried and as hard as it was, was making some headway there–still annoying and anxiety kicked in–but… plus honestly the depression afterwards because our minds would think does anyone care?? are we invisible, ect–but NOW

a whole different scenario–and thought maybe writing might make it go away, but it isnt–when you get PTSD trigger–and yep that is where we are now-and plz keep in mind the people i live above, the ministers 100% know my triggers, at least most of them, as well as the results–they know!! and this is where i am now–after repeatedly asking them NOT to do some of these things, and or asking them to give us warning–yeah it is specific noises, lights, sounds, repetition type things–anyways if we know ahead of time then we try to block it out with headset, or leave–but this we had no warning, the spinning noise of tools-started at 7:00 now almost 10 and still going on–this happened a few weeks ago and we told them, well more they saw what it did to us and begged them to stop–of course they didnt—so after a few days we begged them to warn us–we care they said, they would they said—well they didnt–we again spiralling, asked them to stop–asked them to plz dont not tonight–tired, triggering–and of course no one listens–they still do it–and watch us and hear us imploding, sinking, and doing–and now sit here and trying to write and it still goes on–to us that is ABUSE–when you make the choice to continue, after knowing, watching, and experiencing–so plz do NOT ever tell me you care about us ever again—as we continue to sink further and further and now feel even more alone then ever before–you never really cared


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