hate to admit

was hesitant on writing this–very hesitant because, well just because–I am supportive of the president–however, now that he is in office the fears are tremendous–the changes, the things he says he is going to do–I, myself never asked to be on welfare, assistance, ssi—my life many years ago was so dedicated to what i did–i worked as a victim advocate–working on my masters degree–was a chaplain who spoke up against DV, rape, any kind of crime on behalf of the victims in court settings–as well as ran programs outside of that setting–i was a single mom who also had another part time job and was working on my masters in counseling–when out of the blew my world shattered and this “dark pit” of depression seemed to come out of no where changing my life forever—full of uncertainity, fears, dx, losing my job, my hopes, my dreams, my friends, ultimately leading me to live off of SSI–something I NEVER strived for, nor was my goal–i long to work now but due to some of the things i simply cant—and that is where the fears come in–no one understands the MH–those that struggle–I hear (and yeah maybe it aint all true, or all doable in reality) but i hear what the president wants to do–take away benefits, make them work (and for some I understand)-other things have been said about people like “me”—could go on and those fears may not be real to all–but to us they 100% are–sure some of this change is great for economy, the working, the “not sure of the word” but it seems like people like us, those “little” people so to speak are the ones who are going to get hurt in this process–just fear is overwelming right now as the uncertainty reigns in my mind—but all we can do is STAND TOGETHER