IRL–(In Real Life)–something been struggling alot with lately–something I think offends some people when i say that, or write it on FB–When I use that term I am in no way signifying that any of the cyber world are any “less” of a friend or anything–but to me IRL means physical contact, real physical movement of mouth, words, touch–something at times I hate physical contact–however I also miss those real words as you see their mouth move, “I care, I support, you are special, you are going to be okay, ect ect ect….) a VM isnt enough, a text isnt the same, nor is a “virtual hug”–or a “virtual” I am there for you—sorry but it does not compare to sitting in a doctors office with someone, or crying your eyes out and a physical hug, or verbal words–dont know if anyone else understands–again a lot of times struggle with the physical–but when you are going through something, struggling with MH depression, anxiety, ect–that stuff means the world, those “real” little things–does anyone understand, does anyone know what I mean????? feeling so alone, so invisible, so unwanted–just struggling alot lately–sorry–just wish could physically disappear