Only get…. (Sorry)

struggling today–but then when arent we anymore

Only get talked to when you arent busy (why cant people make the time)

Only get “heat” when you so call feel like it–landlord lives downstairs–governs the heat–however, it never blows up through our vents–we complained and of course get, nothing we can do….seriously this is YOUR place, your job as a landlord–therefore had to charge a heater (as they sit downstairs in the warmth)

Only get “cool” air in the summer when you feel like it–the heat, humidity upstairs is unbearable in the summer–both me and now my son have lung, breathing issues–of which we complained, and the landlord knows about–but again, nothing we can do, as they sit downstairs in the cold, cool air.

Only get..well never but when you know things trigger our PTSD, and other stuff–you know the things that make it worse, and what it does to us–things that can be avoided–things you knew about when you asked us to move in here–however, things you CHOOSE not to do anything about as our MH, PTSD suffer and there are times all we want to do is make it stop—sigh…

the only gets could go on and on and  on–

thinking will stop writing now—we are just INVISIBLE, and all this helps us realize the true reason why we never think we deserve anything

as wind down this post now tremendously feel and apologize how SELFISH we sound..ugh SORRY


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