I usually dont struggle with “lonliness” but more so feeling alone–in the sense that no one understands, cares, believes, supports, ect—and where I live it is all true–have my son so dont usually feel lonly–but for some reason today–felt alone but lonely–very lonely–could be a variety of reasons why–always struggle with this day of the week anyway–my son as a teen is doing more on his own, or wants his space–makes me struggle more of being unneeded, unwanted, and why even hang on–sigh…

as was thinking of this a song by Doug Nichols, a song we sang in elementary school—it is about getting old–but to me today this song relates to older people but also those who struggle with mental health

They may walk slowly when you see them passing by, and sometimes it may seem they are in the way–but they were just like you, once upon a time, before the hands of time turned their hair to gray—give them attention, show them that you care let them know they are not forgotten, they got a lot to share, give them attention let your love shine through, it just may be that some day you will be old folks too.  (by D. Nichols)

As i struggle today with lonliness, both in an older sense (not real old LOL but with a teenager) but also as a MH person.

REACH out to someone, it may be the difference to them in a way you will never realize–reach out today