the truth shall set you free????

Been struggling alot lately–right now the topic of work place sexual harassment–all you seem to read and hear anymore–as new victims come out days, months, years later–as society again says why did they wait, they just want publicity, yada yada yada–to me it takes the stronger one to come out–but also a stronger abuser to at least and formost admit their wrong doing–for lack of better words, commend those that do–however I loathe those that dont–cringe at those that say fake news, they are lying, never happened–as you see not one but dozens whom come forward with similar stories–ummm seriously??? I am a strong believer that all accusations should be believed and most of all investigated–

as I write this my heart sinks again as i see names on the news—but more so, this triggers me, and my depression, as well as other thoughts–this happened to me in a work place–by more then one powerful elected official and law maker–was going to write about it, but guess for me the shame is still there–even after 10 years–sadly enough instead of karma happening to them—I am the one who struggles with depression, but worse ultimately lost my job. Maybe as this slows down will try and write more–just cant now 😦


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