Good ridence 2017

I am usually not one that makes New Years resolutions–I honestly just try to survive each day–but this year am making one–to NOT reach out to others, but to remind myself that I am truly alone and will always walk alone–and try to remind myself that that is okay–been a hard year (when isnt it) but my living situation is worse, as well as the holidays are hard–always been the type of person who either reached out to others (honestly only to get shafted)-but more so been one who reached out to support others, to offer my heart, my soul, my comfort–and tried so hard to do the “little” things for others because I know what it is like to walk alone, and to struggle–and it hurts like hell–so I wanted to brighten others–so they knew they werent alone–but am done with that—maybe will change my mind but being on FB hurts, doing thing for others makes me feel good, but it hurts like hell to not even get a smile back from anyone–it is like i have the plague, well guess depression, and MH issues are the plague-so this next year i will walk alone–and will try my best to survive alone–and anyone who reads this, remember YOU are NOT alone–feel free to stop by here any time.


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