Trying to find the humor

This time of year is hard on us as it is–but to make it worse, living above an abusive person makes it worse–he is abusive to his wife, whom is our landlord—it triggers us horribly, our PTSD, as well as all those other thoughts–we try to stand up for ourselves and our MH–ask when all gets too loud–but this past month it backfired–he turned on us–we were called almost every name in the book, threatened to be kicked out, and ultimately told that he hoped the F*** B**** F*** dies–very trigger and very hard to swallow–still is–this past week they were away briefly, but the son stays here at time–and keep in mind the apple doesnt fall far from the tree as he too does the same stuff his father does and for us it was no vacation–well today we now get informed by the miss downstairs (our landlord) that we are now also thought of crazy bitch, a liar, stealer, among other things—and yeah at first, and if take it in context it hurts–hurts alot–as we struggle with the triggers–

however, as my son saw me crying, and was witness to some of the stuff we supposedly lied about it dawned on him, and me as i said to him, well yeah “I guess now we are liars, stealers, crazy, ect, all according to 5 abusive drug users.”  and as soon as we said that, my son starts laughing–as the tears are flowing—and he laughs more and says you gotta admit mom, putting it THAT way, it sounds funny—so yeah vowing now to take those words and laugh because yeah, it did read, sound funny.


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